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video game

Since I was six years old, I was really into video games. My first game was Sonic 2 for our SEGA Genesis console. I played this game with my older brother Fabian, although I never got to the final level.

I kept humming the melodies in front of me, I discovered the music in video games and fell in love with so many soundtracks like “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”, “Bioshock”, “Monkey Island” and many more. At the beginning of composing, I made music for a lot of small indie video games. In 2018, I had my first big project with the great indie title “Raft” from Sweden, where I had the opportunity to showcase my talent and had great fun composing the songs.


I am also a really big movie fan. Nothing is better than sitting in front of a big screen with great sound and watching a good film. When I was a child, I watched a lot of films as often as possible and thanks to my father many classical movies.

While watching a lot of films, I noticed that a film without music isn’t the same and began to understand what power an orchestra or music can have. It’s like telling a story and taking out all the elements.


My passion for the orchestra started with trailer music many years ago.
I’m fascinated by the variation, flexibility, excitement, tension and of course the great power behind these compositions. Whether rock, pop, hip-hop, EDM, classical orchestra or hybrid. The variations and possibilities are endless!

I also had the opportunity to talk with one of my idols and received get tips; which I was very grateful for.  Over the years, my collection of albums had gotten bigger, and finally, I founded my own company called, Nature Shock Music. One of the first contacts I made was a global marketing agency for Film, TV and other entertainment content from New York.

After a few years break, it’s time to finally get back to work.

Clients about the music

"With clear passion for his craft, Jannik brought us high quality and interesting music specifically suited for our game."

André Bengtsson (CEO - Redbeet Interactive) - Raft - Video game

"With his extraordinary style, he gave the story an additional drive and entertainment."

Sirius Kestel (Director & Writer & Voice actor) - Unverschaemter Zoomfaktor (Outrageous zoom factor) - Audio book